Badass Books: Twitter Meets Writing

I'm at a loss for an adjective in the title here, so somebody help me out.

So I like books. And reading them, of course. The most sympathy I am able to produce is probably over fictional characters. I usually read fantasy and science fiction, but I'm trying to read other stuff too. Usually, just satirical works. Just our topic today!

Introducing... Twitterature! Lent to me by a friend just today, Twitterature is one of the most ingenious things I have seen in a while. Do you hate reading books? I'm not talking about the less than 100 page magazine you might pick up every now and then. I mean REAL literature. The stuff your teachers made you read in school/make you read in school. Then Twitterature is here to help. In 20 "tweets" or less, the book aims to summarize works of writing in a satirical and humorous manner. Here is a short excerpt to prove how awesome it is:

Harry Potter (1-7)
by J.K. Rowling


OMG Hogwarts OMG I have two friends OMG magic OMG the Slytherins are Nazis OMG there is an EVIL WIZARD out to get me.
Snape a douche! Dumbledore a wise man (but maybe gay?). Voldemort tried to kill me! Flying broomstick! Battle over magic crack-rock!
NM last tweet. Killed him. Something about a prophecy. Who cares? Last seven years have felt like same one, over and over.

If you didn't think these were funny, too bad. Read it for the other books and laugh when you understand a reference. Note: this book sorta sucks if you haven't read any of the books beforehand.

Mirror out.

"I fuckin' knew it! It's like he's all knowing but lacks the knowledge and the etiquette of putting your junk away when guests arrive." - Twitterature, Rorshach commenting on Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen

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